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#149-Our Nation Is at an Inflection Point

Many events happened on February 16th, 2024, including the $400 million plus judgement against President Trump that show that this is an inflection point. Find out about these events and where we are headed and what is needed.

Announcing The Site for Finding Your Eternal Match

Arguably, the most important decision you will ever make is finding your marriage partner.

Meet the challenge of being the best person you can be in order to find the best person to be your eternal match. is intended for those who have remained abstinent from sex in preparation for marriage, or those who have returned to abstinence before marriage.

All participants will take a 40-day Blessing Preparation Course before making their profile at The Blessing Preparation Course begins January 16th, 2024. When you register, the Blessing Preparation online Course is included, as well as a one-year membership in

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Those who are already married can receive the Marriage Blessing initiated by Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife, too and can register here.

Start your journey to find your eternal match today by registering at
The Blessing Preparation Course begins on January 16th, 2024.


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Open Letter to Prosecutor Matt Harvey re County Commissioners Jackson and Krouse

Matt Harvey
Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney
P.O. Box 729
Charles Town WV 25414

Dear Prosecutor Harvey,
This is an open letter to question and analyze why you are continuing with the petition to remove my local Commissioner, Tricia Jackson, as well as my Commissioner Jennifer Krouse.
Ostensibly, your action was to compel Jackson and Krouse to return to work. Now that they have returned to work, why have you not dropped this petition?
Is it your job to determine who the rightfully elected representatives of Jefferson County residents are? No, it is not. That is the job of the voters. I, as a voter, do not want Commissioner Jackson and Commissioner Krouse removed. Also, you bring charges against Jackson and Krouse as if they have committed some crime, when in fact their actions were a protest against corrupt activities by a government official. Would not the normal order of business be for a crime to have occurred, and then for a jury of peers to decide if that is indeed the case? The Constitution provides for a clear separation of powers. Voters should decide about matters regarding elected officials. Yet, without any criminal activity occurring, you are seeking to remove my elected officials from office. This is wrong.
It is also very ironic that the person who is the instigating cause for the protest action of Jackson and Krouse is actually the person who has huge conflicts of interest. Even if they do not rise to the legal definition of a crime, which as we know, is open to interpretation, they still certainly are conflicts of interest. These conflicts of interest affect the welfare and well-being of all citizens of Jefferson County. Should not this be acknowledged and probed further to see if the financial interest of Stolipher in solar development is self-dealing that causes harm to the citizens of Jefferson County?
In your petition, you cover extensively how Jackson and Krouse are only thinking about their own agenda. However, that is false. They are thinking about the well-being of the whole county and its residents, not just a select few people.
One thing you do not mention at all in your petition, is the main reason that the entire situation came about to begin with. That one thing is the railroading of industrial solar development in Jefferson County by Steve Stolipher and his cronies. The main action that is behind this whole situation are Stolipher’s refusal to put discussion of the Solar Text Amendment on the County Commission Agenda. No doubt, Stolipher, was not happy with the removal of the Solar Text Amendment by Jackson and Krouse’s votes on September 7, 2023.
One point that you should be investigated is the huge conflicts of interest that Stolipher undeniably has. Whether some ethics committee panel decides that conflicts of interest arise to their interpretation of being legally acceptable, they are still conflicts of interest. To give a current example, President Biden continues to say that he has no conflicts of interest regarding his decision making process. Yet it is an incontrovertible fact that he has many conflicts of interest with regards to payments to his family from foreign entities in Ukraine, China and other locations.

Stolipher has multiple conflicts of interest regarding solar development. First, as a real estate agent, he makes commissions off of the sale or leasing of properties. Since solar farm leases are for up to 35 years, this will be a substantial amount. For example, if the real estate agent negotiating the $15,600,000 35 year lease for the Wild Hill Solar project hypothetically received just a 3% commission, that would amount to $468,000.
The current Comprehensive Plan specifies preserving the rural nature of Jefferson County, and does not support industrial scale solar farms on rural lands. County Judge Deborah McLaughlin expressed this in striking down the April 21, 2021 Comprehensive Plan text amendment. By lobbying during the 2022 Legislative Session for HB 4553, Stolipher is supporting state legislation that attempts to skirt local zoning regulations by allowing solar farms in any zoning district anywhere in the state as a matter of right. This is in direct contradiction to his responsibility as a County Commissioner to represent the best interests of all of his constituents, not just a handful of large landowners and farmers. In other words, this lobbying it is self-dealing.
In conclusion, I urge you to drop the petition attempting to remove County Commissioners Jackson and Krouse. They have been looking out for the best interests of all of the citizens in Jefferson County. If voters want to remove Jackson and Krouse they will decide that issue at the ballot box at their next reelection.

Richard Urban
Harpers Ferry, WV

Pfizer knew COVID Shots would harm and kill Pregnant Women and Children

Naomi Wolfe and Eric Metaxas: Pfizer knew pregnant women and their babies were being harmed and killed, but promoted the COVID shots anyway. The Biden White House knew this and suppressed it, too:

#145-Gender Transformation; the Untold Realities-Discussion

What is behind the push to indoctrinate young public school children to reject their biological sex?
What can we do about this indoctrination?
What is the role of the church in this problem?

See the movie here:


Everyone’s Property Rights Must Be Respected

#144-Are We a Police State?

The FBI is breaking down the doors of pro-life protestors and those who were at or in the US Capitol on January 6th. Police State, Dinesh D’Sousa’s latest film is a must see. Watch to get a better insight into the Police State and to take a clear stand for goodness.



Strengthening Families and Communities Forum-Gender Transformation; the Untold Realities

Please join us on November 18th for the Strengthening Families and Communities Forum at the Peace Kingdom Center in Harpers Ferry WV, and online. We will screen the documentary Gender Transformation; the Untold Realities, followed by discussion on the topic "Understanding parent’s rights and stopping sexual indoctrination in public schools". This is part of the Peaceful Families; Peaceful World workshop.

The screening of Gender Transformation is from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. eastern time at the Peace Kingdom Center in Harpers Ferry, WV and online and is free to attend. Discussion by the audience and panelists will follow from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Lunch will be served afterward. Registration is required:

Unification Principle study:



#143-Conflicts of Interest Corrupt Our Government

#143-Conflicts of Interest Corrupt Our Government

Local government officials, including Jefferson County West Virginia County Commission Chair Steve Stolipher, have conflicts of interest regarding the promotion of Solar Farms. These conflicts of interest are harmful to local citizens.
More broadly, self enrichment by government officials is a serious problem.
Transparency must be demanded, and government officials must realize that they are the servants of their constituents.

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#142-Beat Your Swords Into Plowshares-The Richard Urban Show

#140-President Trump Is Now Resurrecting
#donaldtrump trump

#139-Father Bayo & Ayano Adrien-Strengthening Families & Communities forum

#138-Commissioner Jennifer Krouse-Strengthening Families & Communities Forum

#137-Creating an Abstinence-Centered Education Revolution

Strengthening Families and Communities Forum

Strengthening Families and Communities Forum-July 22nd, 2023

Topic: Stopping the Sexualization of Children in Public Schools; Providing a Positive Alternative.
Breaking the generational cycle of outside of wedlock birth through a revolution of abstinence-centered education.

Dump Google

Dr. John Money's Transgender Fraud

#132-Satan Was the First Pedophile

#131-Make Love, Not War; Rev. Moon's Solution tot he War in Ukraine

Stop funding the Ukraine War. We need to understand what is at the root of any war.
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#127-No One Is Born Homosexual
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#125-Urban Life Training Program as a Solution to Family Breakdown

The Urban Life Training Program is an abstinence-centered education program. The program consists of three parts:
1. Classroom Relationship Intelligence Education
2. Peer Counseling
3. STAR (Students Teaching Abstinence and Responsibility) Leadership Clubs
Richard Urban overviews the program as a practical way to address the core issue of family breakdown and to help youth succeed.
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Last Day to Register for the Peaceful Families; Peaceful World Workshop

Today, March 13, 2023 is the last day to register for the Peaceful Families; Peaceful World Workshop.
March 18: Family and Community Strengthening Forum, featuring Patti Hidalgo Menders and Richard Urban
March 19: Exposition of the Divine Principle study.